Today may mark one year since the passing of sportscaster Stuart Scott, but his legacy continues to thrive.


  As we all continue to mourn the tragic passing of ESPN’s Stuart Scott, the endless tributes continue to pour in. From Instagram posts to inscriptions on footwear, athletes, celebrities and various members of the media have all shown their respects for a man that’s impacted society far more than he probably imagined.   A […]


It’s May 28, 2014, and the Miami Heat are about to take the court against the Indiana Pacers for Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals. ESPN’s NBA Countdown is in full effect, and the crew (Sage Steele, Doug Collins, Jalen Rose, and Bill Simmons) have the pre-game show looking like business as usual. And […]


On Sunday,  longtime “SportsCenter” anchor and ESPN personality Stuart Scott died after a long battle with cancer. Stephen A. Smith, co-host of ESPN’s “First Take” spoke with Roland Martin about the life, legacy and impact Stuart Scott had on sports journalism. MUST SEE: Kevin Durant Honors Stuart Scott’s Memory On Sneakers Smith told Martin that Scott was […]

While the world is still feeling the loss of the beloved sports anchor, Stuart Scott, who passed away on January 4 from his battle with cancer, some have chosen to honor him in their own ways. LeBron James made a touching tribute on his Instagram page, and now Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant decided to do something […]


LeBron James is one of the many in the sports world speaking out about the death of ESPN’s Stuart Scott. Early Sunday, morning news came the popular sports anchor lost his battle to cancer at the age of 49. Friends, colleagues and supporters alike showed love online for Scott, who’s warm presence on television, razor-sharp […]


This Sunday (Jan. 4) brings some heartbreaking news. SportsCenter anchor Stuart Scott passed away after a seven-year battle with cancer. He was 49. The longtime ESPN mainstay leaves behind a legacy as one of the greatest sports anchors in modern television. Scott made his ESPN debut in 1993 and had since made himself an instantly […]

ESPN anchor Stuart Scott has been with the network since the sports network’s launch in 1993 and has been one of their most popular and consistent personalities in the two decade tenure. RELATED: Drake Shows Out As The Host Of 2014 ESPY Awards [VIDEOS] In 2011 it was revealed that Scott was battling cancer and despite […]

ESPN anchor Stuart Scott is back in the battle for his life. He announced that he must start chemotherapy again because his cancer is out of remission. However, do not think the cancer and chemo will fully stop Scott’s schedule. Scott posted a message on Twitter saying, “I’m back in the fight. C reared its […]