Everyone deserves a second chance and Oscar Award winning actor Ben Affleck is about to get his. According to “Entertainment Weekly” the “Argo” star has been tapped to don the cape and cowl of Batman in the highly anticipated “Man Of Steel” sequel. Director Zack Snyder, whose Superman reboot “Man Of Steel” starring Henry Cavill […]

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Oprah Winfrey’s disdain for the word ‘N*gger’ is well documented. However, the dreaded N-word is not the only phrase that will get you uninvited to her Christmas party.  In this week’s “What’s Hot,” the star of “Lee Daniels’ The Butler explains why she is no fanatic of the b-word either, despite her character Gloria Gaines […]

  Movies about slaves and domestics usually inspire collective eye rolls in the African-American community.  After the controversy revolving around last year’s “Django Unchained” and 2011’s “The Help,” the patience of Black moviegoers has grown thin with portrayals of magical Negroes in subservient roles.  With “Lee Daniel’s The Butler”  we finally get a film that […]

When it comes to saving the world, the hero must look like a hero in the film. Actor Matt Damon knows all too well what the preparation for a film like that entails. For his role in the new film “Elysium,” Damon says he went on a very strict diet and worked out like a […]

Oprah Winfrey is a force of nature.  Still reigning supreme as the Queen of Media,  the power titan returns to the big screen after an almost fifteen year hiatus, acting  in “Lee Daniel’s  The Butler.” Miss O plays Gloria Gaines, the matriarchal glue between her husband Cecil ( Forest Whitaker) and their headstrong son Louis […]

  In the new movie “2 Guns” co-stars Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg spend a lot of time behind the wheel as they dodge drug dealers, the military and the The CIA.  So in this special edition of TheUrbanDaily.com’s “My First Car” we get the megastars to talk about the first automobiles they ever owned, […]

Paula Patton is no stranger to baring it all. In 2003 the celebrated actress disrobed for the cover of her husband (then boyfriend) Robin Thicke’s “A Beautiful World” debut. While it took her ten years to pull off the same move on the screen, it was well worth the wait. RELATED: What Did Robin Thicke Have To […]

  A few days ago it was reported that director Spike Lee was raising funds for a new film via Kickstarter, offering incentives like autographed sneakers and courtside seats for fans to contribute. RELATED:  Spike Lee Raising Money For Bloody Good Movie [VIDEO] Lee has raised over $400,000 from more than 2000 backers and has about […]

The Summer of 2013 has been pretty stoked with big budget films, comedies and indie darlings, but which ones should you definitely see? TheUrbanDaily.com will be counting down the must-see summer movies that are already in theaters and coming soon to a big screen near you! READ:  2013 Top 10  Summer Blockbusters [PART ONE] READ:  […]

  Black Americans have endured their fair share of unjust treatment at the hands of the police and laws put in place to protect the country’s citizens. We’ve also found ourselves being victimized a second time during the trials and receiving no justice. Considering that it’s still fresh in our minds, a prime example is […]

When the time came for the country to elect a new president, Obama wasn’t the only one feeling like they needed a change. In the new independent feature film by Neil Drumming, “Big Words,” the characters in the film are also searching for a change. Set in Brooklyn on that historical night in 2008, “Big […]

What defines a good horror movie? Is it homicidal murderers dismembering their victims with chainsaws? Or aliens using humans as walking incubators?  With “The Conjuring” director James Wan (“Saw”, “Insidious”) uses good old fashioned thrills and chills with the real life story of the Perron family who move into a Rhode Island farmhouse,  only to […]