Since taking his talents to the West Coast, it looks like the Golden State Warriors star is fully embracing the California lifestyle, because he just got a huge tattoo of Tupac on his leg.


YG's head tattoo — $co (@CiscoSavage) October 19, 2015 We’ve seen a ton of head tattoos in our days of keeping up with hip hop, and now it looks like YG is next up. The My Krazy Life rapper appears to have gotten some new ink, after a photo of that appears to be him sporting […]

Rapper Rick Ross has joined the Rappers With Crazy Face Tattoos Club. After adopting the phrase “Rich Forever” as a manifesto for his life and career, the “Mastermind” creator made it official by getting it tattooed under his bottom lip. Yes, you read correctly. Rick Ross has a tattoo that says “Rich Forever” under his […]

The passing of world leader Nelson Mandela has effected the world in various ways. While some have chosen to grieve by shedding tears and posting status updates on Facebook and Twitter, rapper The Game took a more permanent approach. He got a tattoo of Mandela looking out of the window of his Robbin Island prison […]

  I worry about the young people growing up nowadays. A fan of the rap group The Clipse got a tattoo of the group’s clothing line, Play Cloths, on his forehead. One half of the rap group Clipse, Pusha T, tweeted and Instagrammed a photo of a young man with the Play Cloths logo tattooed […]

When celebrities are in love, they go all out to prove it to the world. Amber Rose is the latest famous person to do something crazy to prove her love for fiance Wiz Khalifa. She got a tattoo of his face on her arm. Amber Rose posted the picture of her portrait tattoo on her […]

Compton rapper Game has an affinity for marking his body with random tattoos. In the latest round of Game’s tattoos, the “My Life” rhymer got Dr. Dre‘s face tattooed on his torso. Let’s clarify that Game got the cover of the landmark album “The Chronic” inked on his torso. However, that’s still a photo of […]

In this week’s episode of ratchet-piece theater, rapper Lil Wayne has shown his love for the sport of skateboarding in a very permanent way. Weezy F.  kick pushed his way into 2013 with some new ink, the words “BAKED” stamped on his forehead.  According to his site LWHQ, the tattoo is in  homage to the […]


As imperfect creatures human beings are prone to lapses in judgment. Whether it’s caused by emotion or bad information, people make bad decisions and screw up. It happens everyday to the best of us. (I mean for God’s sake, have you seen 2 Chainz outfits in every picture? The man dresses like Shabba Ranks after […]

The girl who decided to tattoo “Drake” on her forehead received a lot of attention for this dumb move, and Drake had something to say about it. Instead of going in on her, Drake calls the tattoo artist a “f***in’ a**hole” and if he ever sees him, he’s going to “f*** him up.” Watch Drake […]

Recently, a photo surfaced on various social networks of a woman with the word “DRAKE” tattooed across her forehead. While some laughed, others wondered if it was even real. Well, Vice Magazine tracked down the artist responsible for literal headline of 2011 and his thoughts are right off the Take Care tracklist: “Look What You’ve […]