Seven-year-old  “Mr. Ooh, kill ‘em” TerRio was interviewed on Arsenio’s show and…well…yeah you just sort of have to see it for yourself! Take a look at the interview below!     Did you see the look on that kid’s face when Arsenio started freestyling his own part of the dance? He was feeling a way! […]

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The internets are buzzing about the little boy named TerRio lately and not in a great way. The seven-year-old known to the world for his “Ohhh Kill Em” Vine videos is finding concern from adults worldwide regarding his scheduling and recent weight gain. Twitter has especially been expressing it’s growing concern about the little boy […]

Let’s just assume that you may have been hiding under a rock lately and haven’t seen the chubby little youngster taking over the social media scene. Seven-year old Terrio is said to have “saved” social media with his “Ooh Kill Em” vine vids. In addition to starting the latest dance phenomena, Terio has been seen […]