Kanye West’s second appearance on Fox’s animated series “The Cleveland Show” features his animated alter ego, Kenny West, performing a song with the show’s main character, Cleveland Brown.

Kanye West will make his second appearance on Fox’s “The Cleveland Show” on the show’s season opener.

Even though LeBron James going to Chicago with Carlos Boozer would make them the most formidable team in the Eastern Conference, if not the league, I don’t see it happening. As T.I. pointed out, there is that nagging Michael Jordan legacy that I think will keep him out of a Bulls uniform. And if Chris […]

According to a report in the New York Times, Family Guy spin-off The Cleveland Show has been picked up for a third season by Fox.

Kanye West will pay a visit to Fox’s “The Cleveland Show” this weekend and battle Cleveland Jr.

Hollywood actress Sanaa Lathan talks to SoulCulture.TV about her family’s history in entertainment, being very critical of her own work and distinguishing between herself and the characters she plays.

Kanye West is scheduled to make a guest appearance on the May 2nd episode of FOX’s Family Guy spin-off, The Cleveland Show.