Confession: we’re totally not getting the Yung Berg thing — at all. Why are women continuing to worship at his altar of mediocrity? Watch this week’s episode of “The Daily Cray” as we present a few more rappers that reality chicks might want to throw ‘bows for instead. WATCH MORE VIDEOS FROM “THE DAILY CRAY”: Steve […]


Steve Harvey is a radio personality, author of several books, host of “Family Feud,” and apparently wise enough to earn an invite to “Oprah’s Life Class” earlier this year. But, alas, such accomplishments are not enough for the comedian — now, he wants people to refer to him as “Big Pimpin.” Watch the latest episode of The Daily […]

In the latest episode of “The Daily Cray,” we look at a case ofcrazy-ass-boyfriend syndrome in Chicago. Check what happened when one delusional dude stepped to President Obama and quickly got his ass handed to him. MORE NEWS ON THE URBAN DAILY: The Daily Cray: WTF Is Up With Beyonce’s Barbie Doll Bangs? The Daily Cray: Which […]

Beyonce’s latest hairdo has The Daily Cray — and the Internet — quite confused. Watch the video to find out why.

Today on The Daily Cray, our very own Ariel Cherie takes on the latest example of Columbusing in pop culture: a group of golfers who claim they “invented” hip-hop’s latest dance craze.

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Sure, Kevin. You chose that day to propose to Eniko Parrish, because it was her birthday. It had nothing to do with a certain show premiere. Pure coincidence, right? Watch The Urban Daily’s newest series, The Daily Cray, and judge for yourself.