The Purge

If you’ve seen the movie The Purge starring Ethan Hawke, Lena Headey and Edwin Hodge, you’re already familiar with the concept that drives the film. In the not to distant future, the government is replaced by “The New Founding Fathers,” and in an attempt to keep their citizens content, the politicians allow for a yearly […]

When 2013’s dystopian film “The Purge” was released, audiences weren’t exactly sure what to make of it. The concept of a decriminalized 12-hour period where all police, fire and hospital services are suspended and all crime–including murder–is legal under the premise that one night of unpunished lawlessness would allow America to flourish the rest of the […]

What would happen if crime were legal for one night out of the year? The new thriller “The Purge” examines just that. The film, which hits theaters June 7th, takes a look at American in the year 2022 where crime is virtually nonexistent because one night out of the year all bets are off and […]