Christopher B. Pearman, father of Actress Raven-Symone, Author of book called “Dream So Big” http://t.co/6QHOsSTZKh pic.twitter.com/39RT14Edmc — VertiKal Magazine (@VertiKalMagZine) June 20, 2015 Christopher B.…

clearly raven symone is irrelevant pic.twitter.com/AwLd2OerRQ — greg (@n9viv) October 9, 2015 Raven-Symone just can’t seem to stop putting her foot in her mouth. The View co-host has found herself in hot water again after her comments on the panel’s topic “Are You Judged By Your Name?” went viral. Her remarks caused fans to roast her on social […]

Kelly Osbourne is apologizing for statements she made aimed at Donald Trump and his outlandish comments regarding the Latino community.

The Screen

The View‘s rotating door of hosts continues to rotate. Rosie Perez is the latest host to leave the morning talk show to pursue her passion in acting. Perez took an extended leave from the show during the winter to star in Larry David‘s Fish in the Dark. With other credits like Do The Right Thing and White Men Can’t Jump, […]

Raven-Symone hasn’t been one to bite her tongue in recent years, and the actress has caught some flack for that. Last year, in an episode of OWN’s Where Are They Now? with Oprah Winfrey, Symone said that she didn’t label herself as African-American. Winfrey told her that Black Twitter wasn’t going to support her, and Twitter […]

The Screen

We had a feeling this was going to happen but now it’s official: Raven-Symone is a new host on “The View.” Whoopi Goldberg made the announcement on Wednesday morning. “We are making huge announcement today. We’re kicking something special off. We are happy to announce that Raven-Symoné is now permanently on The View!”   Raven-Symone released […]


Raven-Symone might be from every continent in Africa, but she doesn’t think Harriet Tubman should be on the $20 bill. One of the biggest trending…

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    A Pennsylvania judge has ruled that, despite her protestations and the dissolution of her marriage to estranged husband Lamar Sally, former View co-host Sherri Shepherd is legally the mother of the baby conceived using a surrogate. The child, an 8-month old boy named LJ, was conceived using Sally’s sperm and eggs from a […]


Legendary supermodel Beverly Johnson appeared on The View Monday to discuss her claims that Bill Cosby drugged her in 1986. Johnson made headlines when she penned an essay in Vanity Fair, describing being given a drug-filled cappuccino by Cosby after being invited to his home for an audition to appear on his self-titled hit sitcom, “The Cosby Show.” […]

As far as “post-racial” and “New Black” famous Negroes go, Whoopi Goldberg is a pioneer. When she discusses race, it’s enough to make your average Black person living in America shout, “What in the hell is she talking about?” This week on The View, Whoopi gave more informed viewers a head-scratching, eye-roll inducing comment about the role racism […]


Things are heating up on “The View” and not in a good way. The show’s resident moderator, Whoopi Goldberg and new co-host, Rosie O’Donnell got into a verbal altercation after last Thursday’s show. According to The Daily Mail, Whoopi cut O’Donnell off during a “Hot Topic” segment about spanking your children. O’Donnell had explained to […]

You can’t say Aisha Tyler is a lazy chick. She’s got three shows on the air right, now all of whom have more season guaranteed.…