Philadelphia born MC Tracey Lee scored a bona fide hit in 1997 with the Malcolm McLlaren-sampling record, “The Theme (It’s Party Time).”  While his debut album, Many Facez, didn’t reach the same level of success as the lead-off single, it did contain some undeniable jewels. RELATED:  Former L.A.P.D. Detective Says He Knows Who Killed The […]

Remember Tracey Lee?  The rapper came on the scene in 1997 with the club classic “The Theme (It’s Party Time).”  He even had a cameo from Biggie on the song “Keep Your Hands High.”   But where is Tracey Lee now?

Ever since the release of “Monster” there’s been a lot of the chatter around the multiple personalities Nicki Minaj channeled during her verse. While we think the rookie did the damn thing talking to yourself on a track is nothing new in the rap game.  Here are five of our favorite examples of dissociative identity […]