Trayvon Martin

With his forthcoming album “Mastermind” along with the third installment of the “Self Made” series dropping this year, Rick Ross has finally released a solo single and you’ll never guess who is featured on the song- Rachel Jeantel. Rachel Jeantel was the guest witness that testified during the Trayvon Martin case a few weeks ago. […]

This morning ABC aired the full interview of Juror B29, who refers to herself as “Maddy” with Robin Roberts. Juror B29 is the first juror to come forward and show her face. As the only juror of color, Maddy has an unwanted responsibility to answer the questions many Trayvon Martin supporters have–“How could you not […]

When George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the killing of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, there were many cries of protest in various forms. Some took to the pen while others took to the street. In the days after the verdict several of Hollywood’s leading black actors gathered to record a tribute to the young […]

  Singer and new reality TV star Lil Mo has landed herself in some hot water with music fans. She recently took a shot at Stevie Wonder and his initiative to not perform in any state that has a Stand Your Ground law.   Lil Mo said artists shouldn’t be so quick to boycott Florida […]

On Friday, July 26th the Entertainers Basketball Classic (EBC) will suspend their summer tournament for one weekend to host the Trayvon Martin Invitational in memory of the slain Florida teen.  In conjunction with Vibe Magazine and NYC radio stationHot 97, the tournament will host New York’s elite streetball teams (within the tri-state area), top NBA players and celebrities who will come […]

  According to April Ryan,  sources close to Stevie Wonder have confirmed a list of artists joining him in boycotting Florida because of the Stand Your Ground Law.  Some of the artists have even cancelled concerts in Florida after recent events. Stevie Wonder said he wouldn’t play in Florida until they change The Stand your […]

Trayvon Martin’s older brother Jahvaris Fulton has just landed an amazing opportunity. According to NBC News, the Florida International University student has landed an internship with Florida Representative Frederica Wilson at her office in Miami Gardens. MUST READ: Tom Joyner Offers Rachel Jeantel Full Ride To Any HBCU Of Her Choice According to Wilson’s office, the […]

  In a move that stunned not just the press corp in the White House Briefing Room who were not expecting to see him but the entire nation, President Barack Obama gave an impromptu talk concerning the Zimmerman Verdict and what it means to be an African American living with racial profiling in the United […]

Sports analyst and former NBA player Charles Barkley agrees with the outcome of the Zimmerman case. Zimmerman was found not guilty on July 13 for killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Barkley recently did an interview on CNBC stating that the jurors did not have enough evidence to charge him. “Mr. Zimmerman was wrong to pursue, he […]

  See what happens when we reward bad behavior with fame and stardom! We mean besides the porn tape this ridiculous girl made since being on MTV! Check out Farrah Abraham‘s response to what she thought about the Trayvon Martin situaion!     Blank stares and crickets chirping friends…that’s all we got over here just […]

  After going through the horrific tragedy of being the last person to speak to Trayvon Martin before he was murdered and the subsequent testimony, things for Rachel Jeantel are looking up. She was offered a scholarship to any HBCU by radio host Tom Joyner. Last night, Jeantel and Joyner were guests on Nancy Grace’s […]

After having everything from her reputation to her IQ lambasted in the media and online for weeks, it came as refreshing news on Tuesday that acclaimed radio host Tom Joyner offered Rachel Jeantel, 19, friend of slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin, a full scholarship to any HBCU in the country. *insert hearty applause and a bittersweet […]