Former Florida teaching assistant left her job to pursue twerking full-time, and it looks like it’s paying off. Jessica Vanessa gets paid to twerk and mention products on her Vine account to her two million followers and she’s making six figures, according to the Daily Mail. “‘What I make in six seconds would take me […]

Last summer rapper Juicy J announced that he was giving away $50,000 in scholarship money. The initial Tweet stated, “I’m giving out a 50K scholarship to the best chick that can twerk” and it illicited a firestorm of response–and applications. After going through submissions Juicy has selected a winner, but insists that no twerking was […]


  This one is being called the after hours fast food ratchet clip of the week! All we can say is…there is twerking involved and there isn’t even a picture of Miley Cyrus in sight so we can’t be too mad. See what all the fuss is about in the video below! No word on […]

Rihanna has been teasing the release of her video to “Pour It Up” via provocative Instagram photos and now fans can finally see the three-minute stripper fest. While the clip has gotten the NSFW tag in some places it’s relatively tame as stripper-based videos go. Considering this is the rap-less version of Juicy J’s hit […]

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It appears that Joe Budden’s ex-girlfriend Kaylin Garcia found some students for those twerking classes she advertised a while back. The onetime  “Love & Hip-Hop New York”  cast member has been “touring” with her Twerk class in the North East and posted info for upcoming sessions. “Kaylin’s Twerk Tour” is under way and so far, it […]

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Man look, there are certain things that we can try to discribe to you and others that we simply must insist you look at for yourselves. This would be one of those times that your own eyes and ears will do you much more justice that anything we could possibly try to describe! Check out […]

  Just when you thought Miley and her twerking epidemic had reach an all-time low, this happened… It wouldn’t be fair if you had a song entitled “Twerk” and it did not feature the young ratchet Disney star , Miley Cyrus. Fortunately (or unfortunately), Lil Twist thought about this and grabbed Justin Bieber and Miley […]

  Legendary ratchet rapper Juicy J ignited a firestorm on Twitter when he announced that he would give a student a $50,000 scholarship for twerking. However, it looks like Juicy J wasn’t prepared for the response he got because after we reported the initial announcement, the tweet mysteriously disappeared from his timeline. He did say he […]

  Ratchet rapper Juicy J is giving back to the community–well, his community. The Oscar winner tweeted that he was offering a $50,000 scholarship to the woman who can twerk the best. Yes, Juicy J is out here having women twerk for a higher education. Juicy J tricks this much money off in a strip […]

Wiz Khalifa won. After welcoming a baby boy into the world in February and making his marriage to Amber Rose official earlier this summer the “Black & Yellow” rapper is having a ceremony at a Pittsburgh country club today. Six months after having a baby Amber Rose is in fit and fabulous fashion and wanted […]

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Wu-Tang is for the children and twerking is for grown-ups. At least that is the opinion of the Clan’s Abbott, The RZA. In an interview with TMZ RZA said that the minimum age for booty-shaking should be 16 and up, though 18 would be better. RELATED: Rihanna Warned By Label To Chill, Twerks Her Response “My […]

Between Rihanna’s marijuana usage and hitting fans during her performances, her label is not exactly thrilled with her and her antics as of late. According to Adelade: RIHANNA has reportedly been given a “written warning” by her record label. The Barbados-born singer has been embroiled in controversy lately. Her Diamonds World Tour hasn’t slowed down […]