Tyrone Briggs

Staten Island wordsmith Tyrone Briggs has been steadily building buzz for his EP “Scattered Thought.” In effort to promote the recently released project, Briggs dropped the video for the song “Cold.” The black-and-white video was directed by Beezy Black and finds the rapper spitting pointed rhymes at cats who have nothing to do but make […]

Up-and-coming rapper Tyrone Briggs is bringing back a diversity in rap music that hasn’t been heard in a while. Although the young MC can spit hardcore street tales with the best of them, on his latest track “Loser,” Briggs takes aim at those who live above their means. Tyrone Briggs hits listeners with a machine-gun […]

  In today’s musical landscape, a rapper coming in the game on the humble is a rarity. Rapper Tyrone Briggs is one of those rare artists who doesn’t perpetuate an air of arrogance like he’s doing music fans a favor by dropping material. In fact, Tyrone Briggs is a rapper who is hungry and ready […]

  Although Hip-Hop is in a great space right now, you’ll always find someone who is still looking for that real Hip-Hop or what have you. Those people will appreciate up and coming New York rapper Tyrone Briggs. Briggs showcases a signature New York flow while spitting thought provoking lyrics over hard-hitting production. All of […]