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   According to the good people over at Hip Hop DX, former “White Girl Mob” member V-Nasty has signed a deal with Las Vegas based Pinnacle Records for a $750,000/three year deal. When asked about her deal she said; “It’s an independent deal. I don’t really know how to explain it, it’s independent as far […]

Kreayshawn’s henchman V-Nasty found herself in an argument on the street with a black man where she, in conversation uses the “N-Word” numerous amounts of times. Kreayshawn and V-Nasty have come under fire for using the derogatory word but V-Nasty has not stopped saying it. It is clear she doesn’t see anything wrong with it. […]

White rapper Kreayshawn has been under constant scrutiny for using the always controversial “N-Word.” During a visit to a radio station in Philly, host Tazz Daddy confronted Kreayshawn about the use of the negative comments where she immediately defended herself by blaming fellow “White Mob” member V-Nasty who was just released from jail. Video of […]