The homie Jasmine Brand dug up rarely seen footage of Tupac Shakur and photographers discussing album art concepts for Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, his fifth and final studio album he recorded before his untimely death in 1996.

With J-Dilla’s passing, producer 9th Wonder has become hip-hop’s contemporary key holder to the retrospective boom bap. Even while having producer credits for the likes of Jay-Z, Destiny’s Child, Mary J. Blige and very soon Drake the North Carolina native has made it his purpose to perserve that “true school” sound by operating beneath the […]

Caktuz has been making his rounds lately and doing his numbers it seems, with this new video from cousin Jay Mail of hometown rap label Xclusive Generals. Jay Mail 1st appeared on Caktuz’s last #OverTheWallWeds. free download “Drigh” alongside fellow rhyme slinger P Walls. Jay is part of the High Point North Carolina premiere record […]

Everyday there are those wild, crazy and funny viral videos that hit the blogs that keep us laughing or shaking our damn heads. These videos are either caught on tape by someone who just happen to be around to catch footage of the foolery or someone recording themselves in hopes of becoming a internet celebrity. […]

This video was just released of Free having a little fun at a show in Jamaica where she decided to “initiate” her co-host with a taste of Rihanna’s “Rude boy.” Free said on her Twitter page that it was a benefit show for Spragga Benz that took place in May of 2010. She also said […]

ABC Nightline News did a recent feature that shined a bigger light on Oakland turf dancing, a Bay area street cultural dance that combines forms of breakdancing and continues California’s phenomenal history of artistic street dancing such as pop and locking, krumping and jerking. The news show highlights a powerful and beautifully choreographed online video called “Turf […]

Lil Wayne is out of jail and we are so happy that Weezy is out in the world and able to do interviews and make videos that make us love him even more. Which Lil Wayne video is his craziest? Which ones did we leave out? Tell us in the comments section below. Take a […]

It’s Howard University Homecoming 2010! And with that said, here’s a throwback vid of the guys who helped make the world’s most famous homecoming the most attended Black event in the country. Former HU alum and then-fledging music exec Sean “Puffy” Combs used HU homecoming to help break his new franchise artist The Notorious B.I.G in […]

The Kangol Crew, from the famed High Schoool of Music and Art in New York City, produced 2 of the better story tellers in Hip Hop in the form of Slick Rick (Children’s Story, Mona Lisa, Hey Young World) and Dana Dane (Nightmares, Delancey Street, Dana Dane With Fame). Throughout the years, the best friends […]