When dealing in relationships in the age of social media, one of the hardest things to do is to keep everyone out of your business. Every single person you know has an opinion about your relationship despite not being able to maintain one of their own. In the new film “About Last Night,” stars Kevin Hart […]

Rapper Childish Gambino is out to prove that he can’t be put in to a box. The comedian/actor/rapper appeared on BBC 1Xtra’s “Live Lounge” and surprised everyone by singing. The former “Community” actor performed a cover of PM Dawn‘s signature hit song “I’d Die Without You.” Childish Gambino delivers a very soulful rendition of the […]

Actor Michael B. Jordan has become popular for his work in films like “Fruitvale Station,” “Red Tails,” and “Chronicle.” The bad thing about all of those roles is Jordan always finds himself dying at the end. Jordan not wanting to be known as the guy who dies in every role helped him decide to sing […]

Since communication via internet has become so popular, people have forgotten how to have a conversation with people who are in their presence. One of the main components of having a conversation is paying attention and listening. However, people rarely do either anymore. Two men who wondered exactly how much people don’t pay attention decided […]

  Singer/actress Jennifer Hudson has been screaming at us about how good it is to be skinny in those Jenny Craig commercials for a while now. In her latest video for the light disco groove “I Can’t Describe,” J-Hud finally shows off all of her hard work. In the clip, we find the Oscar winner […]

If you follow the women on reality television and social media, you’d most likely think it’s hard out here for women with flat booties. To combat the epidemic of having a flat back with a crack, women have resorted to getting booty injections. “Love and Hip Hop New York” star Nya Lee has never been […]

Facebook restricts how many people see your posts so that you’ll be forced to pay for promotion. Watch a man break the whole scheme down. READ MORE HOT ENTERTAINMENT COVERAGE ON THEURBANDAILY.COM: Watch Childish Gambino’s Short Film About Chicken [VIDEO] Police Raid Justin Bieber’s House And Make Drug Arrest Honest Action Breaks Down ‘Home Alone’ […]

The 1990s holiday classic “Home Alone” is still one of the most beloved films ever created. Everyone loves watching a small Kevin McAllister wreak havoc on The Wet Bandits. While watching The Wet Bandits being set on fire and hit in the heads with paint cans is hilarious, it’s often forgotten that the injuries sustained […]

A Chicago rapper named Qawmane Wilson who goes by the rap name Young QC…(but in our opinion should go by the name “Young DA”…we’ll let you see if you can figure out why after you finish with the story!) has been charged in the murder of his very own mother. Why was this you ask? Was […]

If you’re going to upstage a more experienced performer, you need to do it with shock value. It would seem that Miley Cyrus is working…

The Game may have to start booking studio time for his three-year old daughter, Cali. Recently, The Game uploaded a video of Cali singing Beyonce’s latest single, “Drunk In Love.” Cali belts her heart out to the track before trying to rap along to Jay Z’s verse.   The only thing cuter than this video […]