The barbershop is a social, economic, and communal hub in the black community. It’s where people of all walks of life meet to break bread while a master sculptor makes sure your Tinder date or job interview goes incredibly well. Rule number one is never cross your barber. All the other rules are see rule […]

We all know what going to the barbershop basically entails: you show up, sit down in the barber chair, get your haircut, pay the barber and leave. Well, in a black barbershop, getting your haircut is only the warm up act to what really goes on in the shop. Everything from the how to deal […]

Not only have barbershop’s become a place for dudes to just hang out, but a spot to simply try out some new looks. It’s common to spot another guy in a chair nearby and go for a similar cut. The cast of  Barbershop: The Next Cut is no different, with a bevy of hair and beard styles […]