Weave and wig making is probably one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. And with businesses that rake millions of dollars hand over fist, there are sure to be disagreements. Rapper Nicki Minaj knows all too well about disagreements in the hair business because she was recently hit with a multi-million dollar lawsuit […]

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  The internets have been set ablaze over new pictures of Beyonce with longer hair than she had a week ago. We sort of think people need to understand that Queen Bey has been doing this all along so this is not new for her. The people who are freaking out about the longer hair […]

Looks like stealing weaves is the hottest of trends right now, and it looks like these thieves got the big one. Last Friday, thieves broke into a Macon, Georgia hair store and stole $35,000 worth of hair. You read that right. According to 13WMAZ, an employee went to the Vega Hair Company store on Friday […]

Janet Jackson gave her real hair some time to breath and took off the lace fronts, tracks, and or weaves.

They say “you can buy your hair if it won’t grow…” and I whole-heartly agree-but shouldn’t your weave still be believable?