Will Smith

Janet Hubert better known as Aunt Viv on the popular television show “The fresh Prince Of Bel Air” says the set of the show was like a rap video.

Will Smith was seen kissing his 12-year-old son, Jaden Smith, on the lips at a recent press event!

Jada Pinkett-Smith called into the morning show on Power 107.5 in Ohio to talk about her hit show “Hawthorne,”  her son Jaden’s  Kung-Fu prowess and what her husband has been up to while the rest of the family works.

(AllHipHop News) Will Smith’s business partner Charles “Charlie Mack” Alston was the victim of an attempted robbery on Friday (June 18thth) at a gas station in Philadelphia.

The Smith fam came out for the premiere of little Jaden’s first lead on screen role in The Karate Kid!

Summer is quickly approaching and if the weather is no indication the change in songs on the radio certainly is.   You know which songs, the ones that you never hear in the winter but as soon as the sun breaks these summer jingles are blasting through your stereo.  

One of the hottest tickets on Broadway is the musical “Fela!” which details the life of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the father of Afro-beat music.

With a lot of the Northeastern United States hit with a massive winter storm, a song like DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s “Summertime” can help make you forget all about all the snow outside.

Being a musician, thespian, or comedian is one thing but being all three is something completely different and unique. These black men/ triple threats make it hard for just anyone to come into the game being anything less than spectacular!

According to his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Will Smith has his eyes on the Oval Office.