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Navigating the choppy waters of dating and relationships is one of the toughest things we’ll have to face. Everybody can use a little help in that department, especially semi-famous to actually famous people. For that reason, rapper Ghostface Killah will appear on the fourth season of VH1’s hit reality show “Couples Therapy.” Ghostface will try […]

When it comes to what is considered the Golden Age of Hip-Hop, you must mention two important groups. One is A Tribe Called Quest and the other is Wu-Tang Clan. Both rap crews released seminal albums around the same time and we’ve reached the 20th anniversary of both projects. Over the weekend, Hip-Hop celebrated the […]

In an interview with DJ Vlad, Wu-Tang Clan member Cappadonna reflected on Ol Dirty Bastard and some of the crazy antics that he was involved in back in the day. He did not forget to mention the time that Dirty rushed the Grammy stage after the Wu was not chosen to win the award they […]

On November 9th Hip-Hop will celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Wu-Tang Clan’s debut album, “Enter The 36 Chambers” released in 1993. On top of creating one the grittiest and influential albums of all time, the nine-member Clan changed the paradigm in the music business, leaving the door open for each member to pursue solo […]

  When Drake dropped his song “Wu-Tang Forever,” plenty of people were upset because the song had nothing to do with Wu-Tang except for the fact he repeatedly sang “It’s Yours,” which is a Wu-Tang song title. However, one of the members of Wu-Tang, Ghostface Killah, says Drake is only making the Wu-Tang movement bigger […]

  When it was first announced that Drake had a song called “Wu-Tang Forever” on his album “Nothing Was The Same,” members of Wu-Tang  Clan were happy about the shout out. However, once the song was released, Wu-Tang member Inspectah Deck had a change of heart. In an exclusive interview with HipHopDx.com, Inspectah Deck elaborated […]

Rock The Bells didn’t just bring back Eazy-E they also brought back Ol Diry Bastard of the Wu-Tang Clan. Check it out in the video below and see what you think! Hmmm we will always prefer the real thing! After all you will never ever have another ODB. He was in a class all of […]

Twenty years in the music business can test anyone’s resolve, but when you’re working as part of a group the trials can be magnified several fold. Since debuting in 1993 with “Enter The 36 Chambers” the Wu-Tang Clan has seen their fair share of internal drama, which makes songs like this even more special. Must […]

Every year, the New York City area gets hyped for the hip-hop concert of the year–Summer Jam. This year hip-hop heads will be nodding in approval because the beloved Wu-Tang Clan, along with Chris Brown and Kendrick Lamar, will be performing at the hip-hop festival. The concert sponsored by New York City radio station Hot […]

Wu-Tang Clan is back! In an interview with Radio.com, Cappadonna confirmed that the NY based hip-hop group will be reuniting to record a 20th anniversary album: “We’ve been texting each other. We’re definitely concentrating on more positivity and teachings and trying to put that back into the original recipe for this next Wu-Tang album.” RELATED: […]

The many different factions of music fans are set to experience a weekend of a lifetime in April when it’s time for Coachella Music Festival. Recently, it was announced Pusha T would be performing at the desert music festival. Along with Pusha T, Wu-Tang Clan is set to reunite during the three-day show. G.O.O.D. Music’s […]