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Dwayne Johnson hasn't had the best time filming Fast 8.

The show was full of funny moments, mostly from the host, WWE's John Cena, who wasn't afraid to say anything about Tom Brady's infamous Deflategate scandal and Kevin Durant's big move to the Golden State Warriors.

The Screen

Jon Stewart wasn’t going to stay out of the spotlight for that long. After leaving the Daily Show with Bruce Springsteen’s help, Stewart will become a host once more at SummerSlam of all places, according to USA Today. This is quite the stage, because SummerSlam is the WWE’s biggest event behind WrestleMania. This isn’t a completely bizarre surprise. Stewart has been openly pro-wrestling […]


Legendary wrestler “Rowdy” Roddy Piper has passed away from a heart attack at the age of 61. Born Roderick George Toombs, the veteran became a WWE…


Despite his WWE contract being terminated over racist remarks he made in 2012, Hulk Hogan is staying positive. The legendary wrestler is currently facing a lawsuit after a clip of the racist rant surfaced on the web. After apologizing, Hogan is now thanking those who are standing by his side during this challenging time. Via […]


  In today’s soul crushing ’80s childhood hero admissions, Hulk Hogan was ousted from the WWE when footage of past racist remarks surfaced. And while it’s tough to come to terms with for avid wrestling fans― this is Hulk Hogan we’re talking about― some are not hanging up their belts just yet. The Urban Daily’s […]


For any real pro-wrestling fan, you know what it means to get “The Push.” For those unaware, “The Push” is when Vince McMahon makes a decision to put a guy over, or put a title on a certain character. In the ’80s, the guy with the ultimate push was Hulk Hogan, with the help of […]

I saw a meme the other day that not only was extremely funny to me but also got me thinking. Have wrestlers been setting the bar for hip-hop innovation long before we even heard of some of our favorite rappers? In some cases, I say yes! So if I ever get a chance to have a […]

  Many people overlook how the worlds of pro-wrestling and hip-hop run deep. In a lot of aspects, hip-hop is just like wrestling. Ask Hell Rell, and say he’s Vince McMahon if it is. With wrestling promotions being most prominent in the south and on the East Coast, and with some of the biggest stars […]


It appears as though new details have emerged regarding just what caused Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose to settle their differences. According to reports on Hollywood Life, current WWE United States Champion John Cena was the catalyst behind Wiz reaching out to Amber to get things back on track. The Pittsburgh, Pa. rapper reportedly chatted with […]

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Wrestlemania: The Super Bowl of sports entertainment. There’s nothing quite like it, and in some respects it truly is the greatest Pay Per View spectacle known to man. This year will be the 31st Wrestlemania, and although the core fans have doomed this Wrestlemania, I am personally optimistic it will be one of the more […]


Tha Dogg showed up WWE’s Monday Night Raw, along with the legendary Rick Rubin and Cali’s Kid Ink). Snoop delivered what was arguably the best moment of the last Raw before Wrestlemania 31. Superstar Curtis Axel, leader of his new movement #Axelmania, anticipated Snoop’s appearance. He sent a quick tweet Snoop’s way and made his way down to the […]