Ray-J has a new album coming out entitled Raydiation 2(R2) and he spoke with us at TheUrbanDaily.com for an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW about it, Kat Stacks, Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Kim, Raz-B, Chris Stokes,Marques Houston, groupies, his new girlfriend, Brandy and reality T.V.Ray-J went from “Brandy’s brother” to being the beacon carrying on the Norwood legacy. While Brandy took a hiatus to focus on her beautiful daughter, Ray-J took to the limelight with reality shows stemmed from his found super-stardom over a sex tape with ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian. He and Kim didn’t last but Ray was determined to have longevity in the game and hasn’t stopped grinding since he entered it over ten years ago. The name of the album is “Raydiation 2” a grown man version of his third album Raydiation. Raydiation featured the hit single “One Wish” and R2 features the current single “Last Wish” which is the final chapter in his longing aspiration for a complete love. He claims that he has grown a lot and the album is reminiscent of a mature Ray-J; one that has been through and felt more heart ache. Rodney Jerkins returns to the studio with him, so you are guaranteed to hear some hot ish.


Ray is done with the groupies, the hollywood hungered women, and his reckless behavior.

What is something extremely personal you are going through that’s on the album?
“I’m dealing with trust issues, trying to keep a solid relationship with a girl I like, and balance it out with my career, the industry and temptation. My first single is just wishing for that truth and that love that you have for this girl”

Ray-J is in a relationship right now then?
“Fo’ Sho, I feel good about it. I’m much more responsible I’m in a better place in my life. It has nothing to do with the television show, Miss Berry, or For The Love Of Ray-J.”

How is she so different from the other women you have dated?
“She’s a regular girl she goes to college she has her head on straight, and she’s just focused she’s not into the limelight Hollywood scene and that alone is attractive to me.”

How do you stay away from the groupies like Kat Stacks?
“I’m tryna stay wayyy away from her. It comes from experience, I’m at a point in my life where I feel like I’ve done that. At some point you can’t drown yourself in that, you have to grow. If I ran into a chick like Kat Stacks I would know what it was.”

Why would anyone mess with Kat Stacks?
“They’re just high, intoxicated, you’re not in you’re right mind. When you come back to the world mentally you realize that you didn’t make the right decision”

Please clarify what Raz-B meant by “ask Ray-J” in his interview with G-Unit radio…

[Laughs] I had a problem with Chris Stokes and Marques Houston a couple of years ago, they were stealing money from me and taking projects that I had out and taking them away from me so I started doing “diss songs” about them just talking a lot of smack. That was at a time in my career when I was real reckless so I had a lot of diss songs talking about them and who they were. I was just dissing them, just cause I didn’t like them as people back in the day but I’m older now, I don’t regret what I said or what I did but I’m definitely at a new time in my life that I wouldn’t go there again. He’s definitely talking about the “dis records”

For the record, Ray-J was not molested?
Definitely not!

Do you believe Raz-B was molested?
Raz-B is in pain right now, he’s hurt he’s seeking for the love that he once had from his crew. I can’t speak on what’s true or not, I don’t know.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 where he talks about Nicki Minaj, R2 and more…in the mean time download his single “Last Wish” on Itunes.

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