A South Florida man just found himself with a large influx of $1 bills to make it rain with at the strip club after winning the $650,000 in a settlement over an eye injury he sustained at a strip club during a lapdance.

Apparently the gentleman was a bit too close to the stripper’s spiked heel and caught a bad one.

From NBC Miami

In 2008, Michael Ireland was poked in the eye by a stripper’s spiked high heel when he got a little too close during a performance at the Cheetah Club near West Palm Beach.

The shoe of a stripper named “Suki” punctured his eye socket and broke bones around his eye and nose and the man has permanent double vision, his attorneys claimed.

The strip club decided to settle out of court Thursday instead of going through with the lawsuit and possibly paying more in damages.

“When this case was first filed, many people criticized it simply because it occurred at a strip club,” said Lake Lytal, Ireland’s attorney. “But we feel the $650,000 settlement goes to show that this was a serious case with serious injuries.”

The fun part of this story is picturing the moments just before this eye injury took place and just exactly how “Suki” was positioned.

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