There are at least fifteen accounts on the Instagram photo sharing network claiming to belong to Nicki Minaj, but none of them are legitimate. After having enough of the imposters Onicka finally opened her own account, @AllPinkBarbieDreamHouse on July 5th. In the three days since she joined, Minaj has posted 25 photos (including one video) […]

Being in a relationship is hard all by itself. In the beginning, everything is all good. You can’t stand not being around them and when you are apart, all you want to do is be near them. However, as Christina Milian said on “Dip It Low,” young love does grow old. Depending on the people […]

T-Pain made a lot of money by making music that was popular in strip clubs all over the world, but he’s shifted away from his formula for making hits. On T-Pain’s latest album rEVOLVEr, he did something different, and was still able to produce a hit. Take a look at our exclusive interview with T-Pain […]

Lil Wayne was so happy that his Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl that he made it rain in a Dallas strip club. His weather domination was so Cobra Commander that the club allegedly ran out of singles.TMZ obtained footage of Weezy and his Young Money crew throwing wads of cash at the “talent” […]

A South Florida man just found himself with a large influx of $1 bills to make it rain with at the strip club after winning the $650,000 in a settlement over an eye injury he sustained at a strip club during a lapdance.

In part two of our “Day In The Life” with record executive Tony Austin he takes us behind the scenes of his adult night spot, The 2’Clock Club in Baltimore.