There are at least fifteen accounts on the Instagram photo sharing network claiming to belong to Nicki Minaj, but none of them are legitimate. After having enough of the imposters Onicka finally opened her own account, @AllPinkBarbieDreamHouse on July 5th.

In the three days since she joined, Minaj has posted 25 photos (including one video) gained 346, 716 followers and another 17 fake accounts with some variant of “allpinkbarbiedreamhouse” in their name have spawned.

So what do we know about Minja now that we’ve been granted visual access to her world?

5) She’s not too good with a blade:

Minaj dedicated her first video to her #Familyday cruising the NY streets, evidently on her way to go ice skating (in July? that’s a great way to beat the heat!). But we should let her know that Black people DO love ice skating. Just ask Debi Thomas.

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