The New York Daily News reports a substantial amount of unreleased recordings by 2Pac, Snoop Dogg and other former Death Row artists will be auctioned off on January 15. The material stems from the 2006 bankruptcy sale of Death Row Records’ assets after Marion “Suge” Knight filed for Chapter 11 protection. Todd Nielsen, the Chapter 11 trustee of the Death Row Estate, tells the Daily News that the catalogue contains thousands of unreleased recordings.

Similar sales to Warner Music Group in February of 2008 and Global Music Group in June were never completed. Analysts believe the economic recession and the reputation Knight built during his run while head of Death Row could affect the asking price, which was previously at $25 million.

It could be a tough sale,” an unnamed source added. “Some people don’t want to go near the catalogue because they think Suge still believes it’s his.”

While Death Row’s immediate future is still being decided in the courts, the label’s vaults of unreleased recordings have been a cash cow. Since his death in September of 1996, there have been at least 10 posthumously released albums from Tupac Shakur alone.


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