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Smokey D. Fontaine is the Chief Content Officer of Interactive One, the parent of TheUrbanDaily.com. For more news, updates, thoughts and exclusives, follow him on Twitter @Smokey It’s here.  A moment in pop music where the artist set up to look the best, sound the best and actually be the best, lives up to the hyperbole and […]

With the recent passing of Whitney Houston, stars having been sharing their fond memories of the pop icon who inspired a generation. I had the pleasure of speaking to Gabrielle Union on my iPower Richmond radio show. Among other things, the beautiful actress discussed her fondest memories of Whitney Houston and why she still attended […]

Rihanna has remained relevant in an ever changing industry by constantly reinventing herself. Since busting on the scene rocking an island girl spice, Rihanna has gone through several different looks and attitudes. Check out some of her most memorable looks and see how far she’s come. RELATED POSTS: Rihanna Gets “Thug Life” Tattoo! Rihanna Invites […]

What’s Beef? Hip-Hop Diss Records 40/40 Club: Salute To The Old Guys “You Got Knocked The ‘F’ Out!” Jock Jams: Leave It All On The Field Get pumped up for the big game with these songs made to leave it all on the football field Blackbuster Soundtracks Check out some of the hottest songs from […]

Horrible Bosses was a surprise hit comedy about three guys whose bosses were the things workplace nightmares are made of. The three friends decide they are going to kill their respective bosses. They seek out a black guy, played by Jamie Foxx, to figure out the perfect way to kill them. After hearing that, naturally, […]

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. And every man needs a best friend that has some sort of style. Is your pet one of those with extraordinary swag? They probably do, but not like this one. The Westminster Dog Show is holding a contest to see which dog has the best look and […]

In one of the most beloved episodes from the first season of “The Boondocks” Huey and Riley give their own unique spin on Christmas holiday. Riley is tired of not getting what he wants for Christmas and launched a one-man vendetta against the jolly old elf proclaiming that, “Santa gonna pay what he owe!” Meanwhile, […]

Up until the point I realized Santa and my mom had the same handwriting, I wanted to know about his back story. Where did Santa grow up? How did he get the job of being Santa? Does Santa have superpowers? Back then, I was never satisfied with the answers I was given. Author William Joyce […]

After a whirlwind of a year, Chris Brown has taken off his rapper hat and slipped back into his R&B swag. Chris Brown asked Asher Roth to lend a verse to the track, “2 Complicated.” The song is a dance heavy kiss off to a female who has too many issues to keep Breezy around. […]

Many of us think of Memorial Day as the unofficial start of summer or Veteran’s Day as a day off. But let us not forget the real reason for the holidays: to remember those who gave their lives in military service to the United States.  Below is a gallery of some famous faces who have […]

Basketball never stops, even if it’s in print. Retired NBA star Shaquille O’Neal is releasing a new book on November 15 entitled Shaq Uncut: My Story. One section sure to get plenty of attention is his detailed account of his feud with former teammate Kobe Bryant. Deadspin.com got hold of several excerpts and in the […]