We’ve been doing Thats Whatsup for more than a year now and have a lot of material. We’ve parodied everything from Montana Fishburne to Kat Stacks to Antoine Dodson.

5. Children Of The Porn

After Montana Fishburne got tons of media attention for her porn the sons of Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman and Sam Jackson came forth to get some media attention of their own.

More Children Of The Porn

4. Pastor Vaseline Defends Eddie Long And His Sperm

Anti-gay but probably gay Pastor Vaseline has been doing interviews defending anti-gay pastors who hang out with young boys.

More Pastor Vaseline

3. Male Groupie Supertongue Dishes The Dirt On Oprah

So many people thought Supertongue was real. The comments had me dieing.

2. Boy Steals Car With Whistletip Mufflers And Finds A Leprechaun (Ghetto News Mashups)

We decided to put together all the popular ghetto news clips that go viral and make Black people look bad and parody them.

More Leprechaun in The Hood

1. One Percenters Break Down The Jay-Z KKK Illuminati Theory

Is Jay-Z down with the Illuminati? A lot of crazy people think so. These guys are the worst of them.

More Jay-Z Illuminati Nonsense

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