Six games into LeBron James’ stint as a member of the Miami Heat there is still fallout from his July 8th decision to leave Cleveland for South Beach.

LeBron shot a Nike commercial addressing the backlash he has received from Cleveland fans and former NBA players alike. Cleveland fans (who really should be the only ones upset at LeBron) have answered LeBron’s rhetorical question “What Should I Do”? with scathing responses ranging from references to the disappointing playoff exit in Boston last season, the broadcast of “The Decision” and his “Chosen One” tattoo. Also damning is a recording at the end of the commercial of James’ voice promising not to stop until he wins an NBA title for Cleveland.

The commercial was shot by an unknown filmmaker from Cleveland and captures the pulse of the Cleveland faithful superbly.

In my opinion, I think LeBron should just save face at this point and confirm that he discovered Delonte West had slept with his mom before game 4 of the Boston series and that caused him to quit on his team because he couldn’t trust his teammates. That would go over better than sarcastic commercials further angering the town you deserted.

Watch the original LeBron clip followed by the response below.

Note: LeBron has seen the Cleveland version of the commercial  and responded “They could have done a better job”. What do you think?


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