In the latest example of how celebrities manipulate Twitter P. Diddy has finally clarified an ambiguous, emotional Tweet about being “betrayed.” Considering the timing of the Tweet (After Jay-Z announced that he signed Jay Electronica to his label Roc Nation) most of his followers assumed it was directed to one of the Js. Even Electronica’s baby momma Erykah Badu Tweeted an apology to Diddy assuming the same.

Almost two days later Jay Electronica hit Diddy directly saying, “Betrayal is a serious allegation brother. Real talk. I ain’t gonna be holdin’ my tongue if you’re gonna be out here emotional and wreckless with it. Whatever happened to ‘Congratulations Black man. I’m happy for you.'”

Probably realizing that his passive aggressive behavior wasn’t going to fly Diddy finally wrote saying, “Before we start the week off with rumors, I am not mad at Jay-Z. I’m not mad at anyone. Jay-Z was no the friend I was referring to be clear.”

Mr. Combs then takes it one step further and finally responds to Jay Electronica directly (which is what should have happened in the first place, doesn’t he have his phone number?). “@JayElectronica I’m proud of you! I’m happy for you. I love you! I congratulate you! I’m not mad at you!”

While this all made great fodder for the rumor mill on a slow news weekend this all could have been completely avoided. Twitter is a nice tool for  sharing random thoughts and comments but when you’re someone in the public eye with over 3 million followers you have to put just a little bit more thought into things you write.

Nevertheless, Jay Electronica replied with a “Thank you Blackman. Now Lets Go!! #Nob*tchassness in 2011. Let’s Go!!”

Yes, please. No b*tchassness in 2011. Less tweeting, more music.


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