In a recent essay for Newsweek, golf master Tiger Woods apologizes for last year’s scandal that rocked the sports world. He blames golf for cheating, stating that he thought he was invincible.

When word broke that Tiger Woods was involved in a scandal that involved him cheating on his wife Elin with several women, myself and the rest of the world couldn’t believe or understand why a man so lucky would risk losing all he had. According to Tiger he thought he could “tackle the world” himself.

“Last November, everything I thought I knew about myself changed abruptly, and what others perceived about me shifted, too.  The physical pain from that car accident has long healed.  But the pain in my soul is more complex and unsettling; it has been far more difficult to ease—and to understand.

But this much is obvious now: my life was out of balance, and my priorities were out of order. I made terrible choices and repeated mistakes. I hurt the people whom I loved the most. And even beyond accepting the consequences and responsibility, there is the ongoing struggle to learn from my failings.”

“Golf is a self-centered game, in ways good and bad. So much depends on one’s own abilities. But for me, that self-reliance made me think I could tackle the world by myself. It made me think that if I was successful in golf, then I was invincible. Now I know that, no matter how tough or strong we are, we all need to rely on others.

Slowly, I’m regaining the balance that I’d lost. My healing process is far from complete, but I am beginning to appreciate things I had overlooked before. I’m learning that some victories can mean smiles, not trophies, and that life’s most ordinary events can bring joy.”

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