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Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have deeply apologized to Australia after smuggling two dogs in to the country.


The sports legends of yesterday haven’t been having great final acts. Peyton Manning has been playing so badly that he got benched, and Kobe Bryant is bricking way more shots than he should. The trend sort of started with Tiger Woods, who was having the worst year of his career last year and making shots like this: Tiger! — […]

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Tiger Woods returned to golf a few days after the worst performance of his career. Here’s a quick synopsis of how it went. Not good. It eventually got worse. That’s Woods asking his partner Billy Horschelb to pick up his tee because his back pain got to the point where he couldn’t do it himself. After […]


Is it over for Tiger Woods? Join us as we discuss Rory McIlroy winning the Open Championship and whether Tiger Woods is done as an elite golfer. We’ll also discuss who would be in our foursome. Next we get into NBA Free Agency and trade rumors for teams like the Lakers, Cavs, Warriors and Knicks. […]

     The rivalry between golfers Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia got heated at the European Tour’s Player’s Awards dinner when Garcia made some off-color comments about Woods. MUST READ: A Brief History Of Fried Chicken Garcia was asked if he would be invited over Woods’ house for dinner during the U.S. Open, according to The Huffington […]


In March of 2013 golf pro Tiger Woods announced that he had a new girlfriend named Lindsey Vonn. But who exactly is the first woman to win Tiger’s heart since his divorce from Elin Nordegren in August of 2010? Here are 10 quick factoids. RELATED: Everything You Want To Know About Michael Jordan’s Fiance Yvette Prieto Maiden […]

Pro golfer Tiger Woods has finally gotten his life back to normal. As soon as he does that, some of his former jumpoffs are looking to capitalize on their sexual escapades with Woods a little more. Three of the thousands of Tiger’s old mistresses will be making a porno describing exactly how Tiger had sex […]

Elin Nordegren is feeling mighty fancy. The ex-wife of  pro-golfer Tiger Woods purchased a $12 million mansion in North Palm Beach in March 2011, right on the heels of her $100 million divorce settlement: Apparently not satisfied with the massive, 9,000 sq. foot home, Elin took a wrecking ball to her property, literally bringing down […]

By now, if Twitter were a black man (Conrad Murray)–he would be serving 10 life sentences, under the jail, in a maximum security prison. The social network has had involvement with the murders of several celebrities. Talk about involuntary manslaughter, where’s the jury when you need them? With 2012 tapping at our window we must […]

The Hangover 2 premier sparks conversations about Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and whose scandal was worse. Watch as people share their opinion in the latest installment of What’s Hot, brought to you by TheUrbanDaily and TV One. What’s Hot Week 12: [ooyala code=”4xZXNwMjp9i1JHVzKozLWZ_LPxReWSdu”]

Tiger Woods made his return to the talk show circuit last night for the first time since his enormous scandal. Tiger stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and the host had to express his gratitude to Tiger.