It was another banner day at “The View” on Monday, as the co-hosts welcomed – or rather tolerated – conservative author Ann Coulter for a discussion about her book “Guilty: Liberal ‘Victims’ And Their Assault On America.” [View clip below.]

In the segment before Coulter was introduced, co-host Barbara Walters read a passage that accused famous bi-racial personalities such as President-elect Barack Obama, Alicia Keys and Halle Berry of “race-bait[ing] their way to success.”

Coulter writes in the book:

Even grifters know that to be embraced by the cool people in America, you must claim to be a victim, preferably abused by religious fundamentalists.

In a related phenomenon, various half-black celebrities insist on representing themselves simply as “black” — the better to race-bait their way to success.

Actress Halle Berry, singer Alicia Keys and matinee idol Barack Obama were all abandoned by their black fathers and raised by their white mothers. But instead of seeing themselves as half-white, they prefer to see the glass half-black. They all choose to identify with the fathers who ditched them, while insulting the women who struggled to raise them.

In 2002, Berry engaged in wild race-baiting to win her Oscar and then ate up most of the awards show with an interminable acceptance speech claiming that her award was “so much bigger than me.” People who say “it’s bigger than me” always mean it’s just about them. During the 2008 campaign, Barack Obama repeatedly said the exact same thing: “This election is bigger than me.” Would they be able to pawn off their personal victories as transformative events for the nation if they were not claiming to be doing it for the blacks?”

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