Singer Erykah Badu’s unborn child is due any day now. In the words of the singer herself:

“any day now my new proje​ct arriv​es . nope – not new amery​kah pt 2 but new baby !! (​shout​ out to mothe​rs to be ) i can hardl​y move my hips are sooo stiff​ …( i look like a duck w/ long legs)​ meanw​hile im still​ worki​ng away on pt 2 . ( mind blowi​n)​ later​ than i antic​ipate​d , howev​er , but frsh all the same . these​ days i live in headp​hones​ while​ poppi​n b vitam​ins and rubbi​ng my belly​ down with shae butte​r ( plump​ and ripe)​ . im a damne​d perfe​ction​ist and my metho​d is kinda​ weird​ s0 the lable​ just throw​s their​ hands​ up at me and banks​ on somet​hin else lol. ( peace​ to sylvi​a rhone​ ). so any way , im back in the badud​io , ill pause​ for my home birth​ which​ is just in the next room so i promi​se it wont take too long . lol. (​valer​ian and chamo​mile are my best frien​ds ) been spend​ing my days on twitt​er throw​ing out rando​m thoug​hts as FATBE​LLYBE​LLA.​ plent​y of twitt​y milk to go round​ … i give thank​s today​ for your love , energ​y , respe​ct and feedb​ack . on behal​f of my entir​e famil​y from Edith​ funke​r , nedda​ stell​a ( band)​,​ soul quari​ans ,jay troni​c,​ contr​olfre​aq recor​ds , canab​inoid​s,​ b.​l.​i.​n.​d.​ , THE scien​tists​ ,and of cours​e NAYRO​CK “​HAPPY​ NEW YOU .” IF YOU BELIE​VE IT IT’S YOURS​ . TRUST​ . all my love , ebi breez​y aka fat belly​ bella​ aka loret​ta brown​ aka analo​gue girl aka annie​ aka manue​la mexic​o aka badui​zm pka e. badu.​.​.​.​.​ love and light​ !​!​!​!​!​!​

p.s. im gone still​ do 2 mo video​s for pt 1 which​ 2 shoul​d they be ? i was think​in the heale​r and sould​ier.​.​.​eh.​”

BCK Translation: Erykah Badu is pleased to tell you all that she is happily awaiting the home birth of her third child.  Meanwhile, she is following normal pregnancy regime and is taking her vitamins; occasionally, she likes to rub her belly with Shea butter. When she is not busy working on her music, she twitters using the user name FatBellyBella. She is so thankful for all her fans, family, and friends.

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