Keri Hilson finally got the chance to meet her idol–Lauryn Hill. She took to Twitter to express her happiness and excitement. 


“No one understands…I will never be the same” She says.

“Utmost respect 4 Lauryn Hill. So beautiful. Very down to earth. Anyone who knows me knows she’s a huge inspiration to me…I told her 2nite. Said she loves Pretty Girl Rock (SCREAAAM) & her daughter loves me! Said my music embodies a certain confidence women need. I’m so inspired. Only two ppl I ever really wanted to meet are Lauryn Hill & M.J. One down. But the other will never happen”

Keri Hilson has been making news after a controversial music video that skyrocketed her somewhat reserved demeanor to a sex-kitten. The R&B singer released her second album “No Boys Allowed” on December 17 which featured the hit single “Pretty Girl Rock.”


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