R&B singer Keri Hilson is weighing in on the Rachel Dolezal discussion, but her comments are rubbing some of her fans the wrong way. Unlike most who added their two cents to the topic of Spokane, Washington NAACP chapter president Rachel Dolezal masquerading as a Black woman for years before being outed by her parents […]

Keri Hilson has had it with the groupie ratchetivity on her man’s  Twitter and she took to her own Twitter account to voice her concerns and to virtually face palm chicks who don’t seem to understand her man is spoken for! According to Vlad TV, Keri Hilson addressed some personal matters over the weekend regarding […]

Where did Keri Hilson go to college? Keri Hilson attended Oxford College at Emory University in Atlanta, where she studied theater. Hilson did not graduate from Emory, however, since she got a record deal during her senior year, as she explained in a January 2011 tweet. Hilson’s lack of a diploma hasn’t slowed her down, […]

How much is Keri Hilson worth? Keri Hilson is worth $25 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Hilson’s fortune is not surprising, considering that the 31-year-old singer and songwriter from Decatur, Georgia, has proven herself as both a songstress and songsmith — a multi-talent able to pen hits for other artists and make waves with […]

Where is Keri Hilson from? Keri Hilson is from Decatur, Georgia, where the singer, songwriter, and actress grew up and got her start in music. The future “Knock You Down” hitmaker got her first taste of fame as a teenage, when she sang in the group D’Signe, and after going off to Emory College, she […]

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Man this is confusing. so back in July, Timbaland  commented on a song featuring Keri Hilson called “Sorry.”  He told the world that the song was actually for Jay Z, whom he had fallen out with several years ago. Said Timbaland of the song, “I’ll tell you the story man. Me and Jay, let me […]

Timbaland and songwriter Keri Hilson team up to pen apology song for Jay-Z and Beyonce for Timbaland’s “Shock Value 3.” What could the two artists have done to get on the royal couple’s bad side? Keri Hilson will be pleading her case to Queen Bey for her lyrics in her 2008, “Turnin’ Me On.” Hilson […]

There comes a time when you’ve just had enough, and Keri Hilson has made it to her breaking point due to her Twitter haters. For YEARS people have spoke out against their dislike against the “Pretty Girl Rock” singer, mostly because of her supposed words she had against Beyonce in her “Turning Me On” song […]

Despite stepping into the spotlight a mere few years ago, Keri Hilson and Bruno Mars have been in the game for a while racking up songwriting credits. They’ve also spoken about collaborating on a record, but it has yet to materialize. If Keri has her way, fans will hear a Bruno Mars/Keri Hilson song on […]

Keri Hilson spoke to The Boombox about the gender disparity among songwriters. Though the songwriter turned singer believes things have gotten better, she still admits, old habits die hard. “It still is a male-dominated world, but there are some amazing songwriters that are doing their thing,” she told the site. “It’s becoming more balanced, but there […]