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The beef between Rapper Q-Tip and Actor/director Michael Rapaport over an upcoming documentary on legendary Hip-Hop group A Tribe Called Quest continued last night, over the contents of the film.

Q-Tip took to his Twitter account earlier this morning (January 21st) and responded to Rapaport’s recent comments on Q-Tip’s lack of support for the documentary, which is slated to be shown at The Sundance Film Festival.

“The director of the film cannot speak to what is in my head abt the documentary,” Q-Tip tweeted. “nor can this director EVER say the i dont speak for the group. when i say i do then belive [sic] me i do tribe is no different than any other collective. we experience bumps bruises and disagreements then and we still do.”

Read more statements from Q-Tip and Rapaport at


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