It’s really hard to hear the words “Charlie Murphy” and not say them in the Dave-Chappelle-as-Rick-James voice. But once you start chatting with him, he’s actually a really cool dude.

After an interview that lasted for almost an hour, four drinks, and some delicious appetizers at Maxie’s Grill in New York, the crew went to dinner and talked about politics and current events and whatnot. But of course, the only really profound things that actually get caught on tape are me violating a rum drink and talking about having meat in my mouth. Sigh.

Check out the video below. It was actually so long, we have to post it in two parts, so stay tuned for the next installment.

Murphy will also be doing a stand-up routine at Caroline’s on Broadway in New York today through Sunday, so if you’re in the area this weekend, it’s definitely worth picking up a ticket. I’ll be there too, front and center, if you want to hang out and buy me a drink or something…

It didn’t end here! Click here to watch Part II.

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