Who wouldn’t want to have a drink with Big Boi? Since 1994 Antwan “Big Boi” Patton has been one of hip-hop’s most celebrated performers. Both as a member of Grammy Award winning duo Outkast and as a solo artist, Big Boi has continuously elevated “the art of storytellin.” [ooyala code=”BtMGlxMjox2V2SYbCRZVc28f-9zdv3iM”] In our next episode of […]

In the very first reality TV show to determine the worlds greatest “Master Of The Mix” Brooklyn’s own George “DJ Scratch” Spivey emerged victorious. In the Smirnoff sponsored competition Scratch went head-to-head with world-renowned mix masters like DJ Revolution, Rich Medina, Jazzy Joyce, DJ Rap, DJ Mars and Vikter Duplaix in a series of sometimes […]

Everyone who drinks has a tequila story. EVERYONE. Even if it’s of that one night where you went out and drank anything BUT tequila, then had that one birthday shot/body shot/TGIF shot that either put you in bed or in someone else’s bed or on the floor (which you used as a bed), or just […]

There was so much action during my interview with Charlie that we had to cut it into two parts. He gave a whole lot of awesome, and we just didn’t know where to stop the tape! So check us out below, at Maxie’s Grill in New York, drinking more than eating, when it really would […]

It’s really hard to hear the words “Charlie Murphy” and not say them in the Dave-Chappelle-as-Rick-James voice. But once you start chatting with him, he’s actually a really cool dude.

Lloyd’s my dude. As in, he doesn’t know my phone number or anything (yet), but when we had our little Lloyd-obsession stint over on The Urban Daily and GIANT, I seemed to always be the one in the mix. So, even though we’re not remotely drunk in this video, we got a little extra loose. […]

When I’m not interviewing, I’m probably having a cocktail, so I figured – why not do both at the same time? So welcome to “Drinks With…”, where we loosen up celebrities with a cocktail or four and chat about anything and everything. Our first victim was David Banner, whose album, The Greatest Story Ever Told, […]