Everyone who drinks has a tequila story. EVERYONE. Even if it’s of that one night where you went out and drank anything BUT tequila, then had that one birthday shot/body shot/TGIF shot that either put you in bed or in someone else’s bed or on the floor (which you used as a bed), or just to that point where you really didn’t need to tell that secret, but you did, but “it wasn’t me – it was the tequila!”

Well, someone finally wrote a song about The Tequila Story, and that singer is new R&B artist LeMarvin. His new single, “Too Many Patrons,” is all about beer tequila goggles, shots, and stupid decisions. Which is what tequila’s all about, anyway. So he and I went to New York City’s Union Prime restaurant to chat about his career, background, and what he’s about to hit you with in upcoming months. And we drank Patron… of course.

Check out the video below.

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