With his book, Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind & Naked being released on Valentines Day, Malice of hip-hop group Clipse has been promoting it heavily via a series of videos.  The latest video in the series has left many people scratching their heads wondering if the rapper is doing okay mentally.

The video shows Malice sitting at a table staring directly into a camera before he reaches for a jar of Vaseline and begins smearing it directly on to his face.  The video ends abruptly as Malice lunges for the camera as he begins to lick the Vaseline off of his fingers.



Can anyone explain this one to us?

Is he about to fight somebody?

Is he paying tribute to Stephon Marbury who (in)famously ate Vaseline during a Ustream broadcast?

Pusha T, come get your boy…

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