The Life

The Contraband rapper has landed on a new million dollar business venture: toilet paper.


This isn't a scene straight out of "Fight Club." This is really happening.

In an effort to reach young voters who have been turning up at the polls in droves, Dr. Carson is using his rap "Freedom" promo to "inspire" people to vote for him in 2016.

The Screen

Hasselbeck and other naysayers continue to make attempts at undermining the BlackLivesMatter campaign by labeling it a violent hate group.

The Life

Jaden Smith gets it. Last weekend he went to the prom dressed up as Batman because what else would he wear to an event that…

A French bar owner is currently on trial for the death of a patron who took 56 shots in one sitting, the UK Telegraph reports. A court…

Reggie Stewart of Houston, Texas posted his ALS Icebucket challenge video online just like everyone else before him. But his had a twist that many are finding disturbing to say the very least. Stewart decided to include his 10-month-old granddaughter in his video. The viewing audience literally watches cold ice-water being dumped upon an infant. […]

As we’ve previously reported, last week unarmed teenager Mike Brown was gunned down in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri by Officer Darren Wilson. Protests and demands for justice have erupted in the mid-west town ever since. The local police force’s response to the fury over excessive force used by their officer has been to meet […]

Strippers in a small Ohio town are tired of a church running their patrons off so they have chosen to get even in the most comedic way possible. Members of New Beginnings Ministries have fought for close to ten years to have the strip club Foxhole North shut down because they view it as a […]

Let’s be clear, everyone knows that Todd Bridges of “Different Strokes” fame, has not had it easy in life by any means. But how wounded is he as a human being that he would comment negatively on the passing of the beloved actor/comedian Robin Williams  just moments after everyone learned of his passing? According to TMZ, Bridges […]

How terrifying! According to CNN, a roller coaster stopped mid ride today at Six Flags America in Maryland! Rescuers began pulling stranded riders from a roller coaster after the ride stopped on the tracks. A train on the Joker’s Jinx coaster stopped about 45 feet from the ground with 24 people aboard. Six Flags spokeswoman Debbie […]

An upstate New York hotel has found a new way to make sure none of their guest post negative reviews on Yelp and we’re not exactly sure what to make of it.  The Union Street Guest House has made sure no negative reviews of their service get posted on the internet because they fine guests $500 […]