As we’ve previously reported, last week unarmed teenager Mike Brown was gunned down in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri by Officer Darren Wilson. Protests and demands for justice have erupted in the mid-west town ever since.

The local police force’s response to the fury over excessive force used by their officer has been to meet crowds with demonstrations of even more excessive force. In some circles, this is also known as hustling backwards but we digress.

The Ferguson PD donned military, BDU style uniforms and began employing military weaponry to engage citizens who were basically only armed with plastic soda bottles.

The images of citizens and media being tear gassed, challenged at gun point and unfairly arrested were viewed world wide. Something had to change. So, finally MO Governor Jay Nixon stepped in and took away the power of the local police and gave it to Highway Patrol and county police.

However, on Friday Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson, released a tape that maligned the character of deceased teen Mike Brown and protesters were once again infuriated with the local police department. Questions of their competence began rolling off the lips of everyone from the media to the protesters to the family and friends of Mike Brown.

Tensions had been tamped down the previous day when Officer Ron Johnson was assigned to take over the scene in Ferguso. But we guess the signals once again got crossed somewhere because the same riot force with military garb were back on the streets last night and chaos ensued allegedly as a result of the police force fanning the flames of frustration.

Despite the switch in police personnel within Ferguson, local police engaged peaceful protesters in full riot gear and were allegedly shooting rubber bullets and tear gas into crowds of not just adults but also children.

Take a look at what the scene looked like in the videos and pics below.




We aren’t sure who gave the order to deploy the military gear again. To be honest, we sort of expect to see a lot of finger pointing about it now that daylight has once again touched the ground of the tiny city.

There is only one thing that we are sure of though, this has got to stop.



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