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Have you ever wanted to go to a theater to see a movie but been frustrated by the options available to you?  It seems like every movie out now is a sequel or a rebooted franchise.

The folks at Cracked put together a list of five reasons why Hollywood seems to be in the midst of a creative drought.

#5. Writers Don’t Come Up With The Ideas.

The Complaint: “There are no original ideas! Look at the top-grossing 25 films of the 2000s — 23 were remakes or adaptations! How lazy can these writers get?”

The Problem: In almost all cases, the initial ideas for movie plots don’t come from screenwriters at all, but from producers (basically, the people in charge of the money side of the project). So most of the movies playing in your nearest theater didn’t come from some writer thinking up a story he wanted to tell — they came from some producer saying, “There hasn’t been a ThunderCats movie yet, has there?”

At that point, the producer and whoever else is involved (other producers, maybe a famous actor if they’re lucky) will then hammer out a rough idea for the movie that will appeal to at least two of the four market demographics (young males, young females, older males, older females). So if it’s an action movie aimed completely at young males, you throw a romance in there for the ladies. It’s only then that they will give a screenwriter a call. In other words, in most Hollywood films, the writer is basically there to fill in the dialogue holes and think of clever catchphrases for Ryan Reynolds to say every time he socks a guy in the jaw.

#4. Everything Is Simplified For The International Market

The Complaint: “Even the original movie ideas are just mindless explosions and CGI! Why does every other movie have to look like a video game and make me feel like a moron?”

The Problem: If you’re reading this, then those movies weren’t made with you in mind. They were made for the international box office (Transformers 2 made $400 million overseas, for instance). Now, before you even have a chance to think it, we are not saying foreign audiences are stupid. The movies made in their home countries, for them, are no doubt just as deep and thoughtful as any Best Picture winner.

What we’re saying is that to make a movie that appeals equally to American, Japanese, Korean, German and Mexican teenagers, you need to simplify that sh*t down to things they all understand equally. Anything dealing with, say, the subtle trials and hardships of everyday life in the American Midwest is going to be totally lost on someone from the other side of the planet.

But there is one thing that everyone in the world can understand and sympathize with, no matter what their culture or ethnicity: The need to run away if you are being chased by giant robots.

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