Malice from The Clipse left everyone puzzled why he posted a video of himself smearing Vaseline on his face in promotion of his new book, Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind & Naked.  In an interview with Vlad TV, he explains what that was all about.

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“The whole Vaseline thing was just in referecne to the Stephon Marbury viral that he put out where he was eating the Vaseline,” Malice said. “At the same time though he was talking about God and that was making sense to me. Even though I had no idea why he was eating Vaseline, but it got my attention.”

“What’s funny is, it was supposed to be a parody, but seeing as how none of y’all knew what that whole thing was about, I’m officially the original n*gga with Vaseline on his face.”

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