Lil’ Wayne says that he and Drake recorded so much material for Wayne’s upcoming Tha Carter IV, that they might have an album’s worth of material for a collab album that could see release by the end of the year.

“That right there, that’s always been in the making,” Weezy told Sway of MTV News. “We’ve always been in the studio or we’ve always been having conversations about ‘Let’s do something together. Let’s do an album together.’”

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But Weezy wants to knock out some other collaborative albums first, especially his much-talked-about project with T-Pain, known as T-Wayne. “I’ve had ideas to do an album with T-Pain. We’ve got the T-Wayne situation going, so Drake’s a very respectable dude. He’s like, ‘I don’t want to disrespect none of those situations, so I’m just going to wait until you have a real good moment to focus on you and I doing an album,’” Wayne said.

When asked when his album with Drake might drop, Lil’ Wayne said it could drop by the end of the year. I want it to be a year when we actually have a moment and we can do it. It’s coming up. Probably the end of the year if we work hard at it,” he said.

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