The Miami Heat finally got fail monkey off their backs.  Thursday night they snapped a five game losing streak by beating the L.A. Lakers, sweeping the season series from the defending champs. Meanwhile the Knicks are still having trouble on the defensive end giving up 127 points to Dallas in a loss on the same night.

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points given up by the New York Knicks to the Dallas Mavericks by HALFTIME of a 127-109 loss on Thursday night (Mar 10th).

The Knicks are an enigma on defense. They can shut down the Miami Heat, Atlanta Hawks and Utah Jazz, but give up at least 115 points twice to Cleveland and this matador effort to the Mavs. Head coach Mike D’Antoni has to prove his style of play can win a title.


consecutive double-doubles recorded by Minnesota Timberwolves center Kevin Love on Wednesday (Mar 9th) breaking the overall consecutive record set by Moses Malone over two seasons.

Congratulations to Kevin Love. When you consider post ABA/NBA merger Hall Of Fame big men like Karl Malone, David Robinson, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar have not come close to that number, Love’s feat is more impressive.


points Chris Bosh scored against the Lakers one day after stating publicly that he needed the ball in certain areas of the court (read: low post) to be effective.

Bosh bounced back nicely after the stinker in Portland (3-11 FG, 7 points). Glad he backed up his talk because he might not have gotten the ball again from LeBron if he didn’t produce.


baskets made by Carmelo Anthony (including the above game winner against the Memphis Grizzlies on March 9th) in the final 30 seconds to either tie the game or give his team the lead in the past 8 seasons.

The Knicks have their own closer. Only Kobe Bryant, also with 15, has as many since 2003.


game winning streak after the NBA All-Star break for the Los Angeles Lakers before falling to Miami 94-88 on Thursday (Mar 10th). That is good for a tie for third on the all-time list of Lakers winning streaks post All-Star Break (the other three Lakers teams went on to the NBA Finals).

The Lakers have flipped the proverbial switch and are locked in for the run to the playoffs. Kobe wanted that win against Miami on Thursday night which is probably why…


hours Kobe spent shooting jumpers in America Airlines Arena after the game against the Heat was over.

I am not aware of something like this happening while a player was on the road. Kobe is focused, man.


vote of confidence given to Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra by GM Pat Riley. In response to if he was getting rid of Spoelstra this year because of the losing streak Riley said “it ain’t gonna happen.”

Riley is no fool. He knows this team is not built to win this season. Once they get size down low, a point the team will most likely address in the offseason, Spoelstra (a.k.a. Julius Caesar) better watch his back for a slick-haired Brutus.


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