After a day full of back and forth battling between the L.A. Clippers and the Dallas Mavericks, former free agent DeAndre Jordan has made the decision to head back to Cali. The 26-year-old Texas native had the world in a frenzy for much of the day on Wednesday, with players from both teams even weighing […]


It looked like a done deal: DeAndre Jordan would leave the Los Angeles Clippers behind to join the Dallas Mavericks in his home state. But that could all change now, and the battle could be won on Twitter. In an 11th hour Hail Mary to keep the big man, the Clippers are practically sending their entire team to Jordan’s Houston crib to […]


Amar’e Stoudemire has committed to the Dallas Mavericks for the rest of the 2015 season, according to league sources. Yesterday, the NY Knicks announced a buy-out for the rest of Stoudemire’s five-year $99.7 million contract, a deal he originally signed in 2010. In addition to a statement, the veteran power forward posted an original poem on his […]

Don’t look now but the New York Knicks are 4-0 for the first time since the 1993-1994 season, the year they went to the NBA Finals. That year they were 7-0 to begin the season. The Knicks beat the Dallas Mavericks 104-94 Friday night (11/9) at Madison Square Garden, their fourth straight win by double […]

Now that it’s been announced Lamar Odom and the Dallas Mavericks have chosen to go their separate ways, the Mavs merchandise store has marked down everything Lamar Odom. The Texas basketball team is scrambling to get Odom’s merchandise out of their store before they have to take an extreme loss in profit for making his […]

Earlier today the Dallas Mavericks, the NBA’s 2010-11 season champions visited President Barack Obama at the White House. In attendance for the annual meeting held in honor of the hoop champs was leader Dirk Nowitzki, point guard Jason Kidd, and others teammates. Well, except for backup Delonte West. West, a troubled D.C. native, actually signed […]

Lamar Odom is saying goodbye to the Los Angeles Lakers and hello to the Dallas Mavericks now that he’s been traded, and Kobe Bryant‘s not happy about it. What makes the situation worse, is that Lamar was traded for a draft pick. Not a good look at all, since he was previously supposed to be […]

Looks like some of the Dallas Mavericks are still celebrating. According to TMZ, the police received a call about a drunk man wondering around the Grand Venetian apartment complex in Irving, TX last night. When the cops showed up, they found Deshawn Stevenson who said he was lost. Stevenson who does not live in the […]

Last night the Dallas Mavericks beat the Miami Heat by 10 points in game 6 of the NBA Finals, winning the entire championship! Jason Terry outscored Lebron James by 6 points while Nowitzki shot 1 for 12 before half time. Though Dirk’s game was off, Miami couldn’t stop Kidd, Terry and Marion. This is the […]

Jason Terry led his team the Dallas Mavericks to victory last night against the Miami Heat, 112-103! Dirk Nowitzki scored 29 points with help from Shawn Marion. “We didn’t want to go to Miami and give them basically two shots to close us out. So we kept plugging there in the fourth. So definitely a […]

The Dallas Mavericks pulled off a much-needed win against the Miami Heat last night 86-83. Dirk Nowitzki was on fire…literally! He was suffering from a fever of 101 degrees during last night’s important game against Lebron James, D Wade and Chris Bosh. Wade had another impressive performance scoring 32 points and 6 rebounds. Shawn Marion, […]

Miami pulled off a close win in game 3 against the Dallas Mavericks, 88-86 after the Maverick’s defense caved under Wade’s powerful performance. Wade scored 29 points, 19 in the first quarter; Dirk Nowitzki, 34. Though Nowitzki couldn’t save his team from losing, a fade-away 3 point shot over Dwyane Wade in the third quarter […]