Earlier today the Dallas Mavericks, the NBA’s 2010-11 season champions visited President Barack Obama at the White House. In attendance for the annual meeting held in honor of the hoop champs was leader Dirk Nowitzki, point guard Jason Kidd, and others teammates. Well, except for backup Delonte West.

West, a troubled D.C. native, actually signed with the Mavs over the summer and wasn’t a member of the team during their run last season. But the reason he missed the chance meeting with President Obama had nothing to do with that. Though the U.S. Secret Service won’t confirm it, reports are swirling that West was not allowed to join his team because he was arrested for gun possession in 2009, failing a background check of sorts.

“The individual in question was never someone that would not be permitted to attend the event today,” Secret Service agent Edwin Donovan told ABC News. “He is on the list for entry today and was never advised otherwise to my knowledge.”

However West himself seems to believe he was blackballed on the count of the ’09 charges. “That’s what happens when you make bad decisions in your life,” West said over the weekend, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “You can’t go to the White House.”

West is laughing the loss off and keeping the fodder light. “It’s going to be a shame the president isn’t going to get a chance to meet me,” West said. “I’m the president of my house.”

What do you think went down? Did West skip out on President Obama? Or did the White House give him the red light?


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