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20 years ago, things were very different. To name the changes in society would take up another post. But one thing has remained fairly consistent: the dominance of the Williams sisters in tennis. And tonight, the rivalry and influence between Venus and Serena will be on full display during the Australian Open finals. They have played […]

When it was announced that Dave Chappelle would host Saturday Night Live this weekend — with A Tribe Called Quest as the musical guest — the internet lost its mind. Chappelle’s return to TV has been long-awaited. The show’s lineup recalls a recent 1-2 punch: Chris Rock and Prince. While that episode was above average at best […]

This election season has been a strange one, to say the least. With Obama leaving the White House soon, the absence of a decent candidate has some loathing his departure — especially the Hip-Hop generation, who will miss his ability to relate to them, his sense of honesty when discussing issues, and his cool factor. It seemed like […]

25 years after his departure, his audacity to be one of jazz's strongest voices resonates beyond the music.

The Netflix series will be available to watch on September 30. If you're not excited yet, here's five reasons why you should be.


Everyone has a story about watching Roots for the first time. The 1970s mini series was a national event, depicting the horrors of American history on an unprecedented scale. It remains etched into the minds of everyone who has seen it. So when the History Channel announced that it was doing a remake, naturally there was […]

Today is a rough day in hip-hop. Fans of all ages, from old to new school, are mourning the loss of Phife Dawg. The legendary 5 Foot Assassin from A Tribe Called Quest died last night at the age of 45. Tribe has not released an official statement yet, but legends such as DJ Scratch and Punchline […]

The man who launched so many singers into the stratosphere is now reflecting on his own legacy.

Here are five icons who were once connected to the party.

It has been 10 years since the late J Dilla passed away. His mark on hip-hop continues to live on though, with his legacy extending beyond the music. Across the country thousands who were influenced by his music will congregate to celebrate his memory. Here are some of the events for what has been dubbed Dilla month: Dilla […]

There’s a big trend of artists from the ’70s being rediscovered by the dorky crowd inhabiting Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Some of these artists could not get the lucky break they needed in past decades. Others had decent careers but were perhaps causalities of a crowded industry. Many discovered that their music ends up in the hands of […]


Everyone was betting on Serena Williams to win the US Open again. But sometimes, she has a bad day like the rest of us. In a match where Williams lost control at key moments, she had an uncharacteristic loss to Roberta Vinci 2-6, 6-4, 6-4 in a dramatic semifinal. What appeared to be business as usual spiraled into full blown panic for Serena, […]