DeAndre Jordan

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It looked like a done deal: DeAndre Jordan would leave the Los Angeles Clippers behind to join the Dallas Mavericks in his home state. But that could all change now, and the battle could be won on Twitter.

In an 11th hour Hail Mary to keep the big man, the Clippers are practically sending their entire team to Jordan’s Houston crib to change his mind. But the Mavericks do not want to risk losing him, and are en route with their own squad to stop this. What is usually a quiet battle became an all-out war, and the weapon of choice for each team throwing down? Emojis.

Chandler Parsons, who some say helped with wooing him to the Mavericks, fired this shot when it was revealed that Doc Rivers was headed to Texas:

The Clippers saw this and decided to play the game. JJ Redick, who lives near Jordan, was quickly mobilized by the team:

But they needed more firepower. So Blake Griffin, who was vacationing in Kauai and has a good relationship with the center, traveled to the battlefield in Texas:

And what about Chris Paul, who may have been the big reason Jordan left due to tensions between the two? He wanted to make things right, and sent out this epic emoji combo of a banana boat referencing his vacation with LeBron James and Dwayne Wade:

Oh, you thought it ends there? Paul Pierce, who will reunite with his former coach in the fall, went AOL on everyone because he is the truth:

Even Mike Woodson, former Knicks coach and assistant Clippers staffer, is making a sneak attack from the sea as the team converges in Houston:

However, new Clippers member Lance Stephenson did not get the memo and somewhat ruined the fun:

As for Austin Rivers, who saved the team in the first round last year, he will watch this one from the sidelines:

Will Jordan stick to his four year, $80 million decision to help the Mavs rebuild? Or will he remain with the only team he knows for a better shot at a championship and $110 million over five years? Free agents can officially sign their contracts tomorrow, so everyone will be left in emoji suspense until midnight.


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